I am new in using OPEN AT and i feel lost.
I am using fastrack supreme 20 and CGPS inside it.
Please tell me what i have to do to download a binary file on the modem.
i understood that i have to download open at sdk and make project but i didn’t understand from where exactly i should install it.
please give me clear steps.


Hi again.

Fisrt of all you should connect to your device from hyperterminal. Connect your fastrack to your PC and open hyperterminal on 115200. Try some basic commands like AT, ATI3.

To download application binaries in your device, type AT+WDWL. You will see something like progress bar made of symbols ‘$’. Select in hyperterminal from the main menu ‘Transfer File’. Select 1K XModem protocol. Select a suitable file with .dwl extension. Than you can wait a couple minutes while the application is being downloaded.

After it is downloaded, type AT+CFUN=1. Wait until your fastrack is rebooted and type AT+WOPEN=1.

And anyway, download Open AT SDK, install it and read all the documentation about it.


thanks alot :smiley: