OS for Open AT v2.02


Hi ppl! What’s happened with the site? I have downloaded OpenAT v2.02 SDK, but i didn’t download the OS for it… Now i need this OS, but the site isn’t working now - there is no any scrollbars for choose the type of my modem (wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … cts_openAT), and i can’t download this OS.
If someone has this OS, send it to me plz - my e-mail: kban@ngs.ru


Note that Open-AT OS v2.02 would be very old - and unlikely to be still available for download.
If you need it, you’ll have to contact your distributor.

Do you mean the Open-AT SDK v2.0.2?

First, you need a developer login - it’s free.

Then go to the Products page, and choose your modem

Then you will have a page for that modem with a ‘Downloads’ tab.
You will find the SDK download in there, if it’s available - but note that the v2.x SDK is not available for the older products…


Yes i do.

Ok. Thanks!


There is another problem - when i’m trying to download new version of the OS into my modem, it interrupt’s the downloading process with an error- “ERROR IN HEADER”… What is it means?



I have the same problem at the moment.
I can’t download the Hello_World sample into my Fastrack Supreme.
It seems that the problem is an incompatibility beetween the openAT Sdk 2.02 and the firmware of the Fastrack.

Did you solve your problem since your last post?




Yep=) I forgot to send at+wopen=0 b4 downloading new OS=)


I mean i’ve downloaded the new version of OS into modem, and the problem was solved.