How to update an existing DS Project to newer FW/OS version?

How to update an existing Developer Studio (2.1.0, specifically) Project for use with newer target FW/OS version :question:

eg, I have a project for FW 6.63; I want to update it for use with 7.74.

Simply going to Properties > Open AT App and changing the ‘Package selection’ doesn’t work - as it doesn’t update other project references like include paths, symbols, etc… :frowning:

Just to be sure: did you only changed the FW package reference (won’t be enough), or did you switched the complete “SDK” reference (first tab)?
I just gave a try on 2.1.0, switching a project created with Open AT SDK V4.2X to Open AT Software Suite V2.31, without any issue…

I changed both the FW and the OS reference - but not the SDK reference.

How does one find the correct SDK reference to go with a particular FW+OS combination :question:

(I guess one method is trial-and-error: try each SDK in turn until a matching FW+OS combination is shown…)

If you already switched FW+OS, it should be OK…
Anyway, SDKs are made to guarantee the consistency of FW+OS+Set of additional libraries, so the recommended way is still to work with SDKs rather than picking packages separately. To look for containing SDK package for a given FW, you should have a look to the Installed Packages view of the Package Manager perspective. The second tree displays packages organized by SDKs with the contained packages.

No - it wasn’t!


Oh yes - that should do it!