the relation between open at os package and firmware version

and how can i have gcc tool when i create new project ?

see the picture. two questions. thank u all the time.

the question 1: "how can i update my open at os to 3.17 version.
the question 2: " which tools can i have gcc tools when i create new project ? " see the third picture.


Have you downloaded software package mentioned in this post?

I haven’t try Q24PL with Developer Studio, but Q24PL is legacy product and not official supported by Developer Studio.

Open AT SDK v3.22 is the right package for Q24PL and you should find a development tool, “M2M Studio”, inside with GCC support.

Please refer to Getting Started and Readme doc in the package for more information.


the link had old os version, i use Developer Studio, but i dont know how to update the OPEN AT OS PACKAGE V03.15(the Internal device) to V03.17 (the Developer Studio used).

Just use 3.22 from that very same link, this is the right version for you. And uninstall from package management whatever you currently have.