How to Set APN on Raven XT V2227-V

I have several Raven XT and LS300 modems on Verizon which were working great until last week. They were set-up with static IPs and connected to dataloggers. I had Verizon change my data plan to a M2M plan at the suggestion of my Verizon account guy. Since then about half of my modems are not connection properly. If I connect to one directly with AceMAnager 3.3 I can see that it is getting an incorrect IP address, but the phone number and ESN (modem name) are correct. The non-working modems also show Network, Signal and Activity blinking together (manual says that’s an authentication error). Verizon support says I need to set the APN on the modems to West: WE01.VZWSTATIC I found a document on the sierra wireless site which shows how to do this with AceManager 4, but Ace Manager 4 seems to be unavailable. Ace Manager 3.3 does not seem to give the option at all. Is there another way to set the APN on Raven XT and LS300 modems? Thank you.

No, because V2227 is an EVDO model, and does’t support SIM cards or APNs, instead it uses CDMA ESN registration like the LS300.
Only Verizon LTE capable devices like the GX440 use SIM cards.
Check with your Verizon Account Manager or your modem reseller, and have them help you with Re-Activation. There should be instructions in the userguide.

Also see this FAQ link: