Raven XT G2263-C unable to connect to network


I have a AirLink Raven XT G2263-C and it will not authenticate with the AT&T network. It will say trying to connect and does not go to network ready mode. The network and signal LED blink in tandem. I have tested the SIM card in the Raven at another working site with the same Raven model that is working and network state went to ready. So the SIM card is good. I then updated the firmware and reset the Raven to factory settings. I loaded a template and APN and still would not connect. I get a RSSI signal so it seems that the cellular module is good. It appears to be a hardware issue. Any suggestions for further troubleshooting? At this point I am getting prepared to send it in for repair or purchase a new LS300.


Try factory resetting the modem again and instead of loading a template try to manually set the APN in AceManager. If the same SIM card and programmed APN works on another Raven and it does not for this Raven XT, it probably needs to be sent in for repairs.

Please note that the Raven XT G2263 is an Edge/2G only device and AT&T has plans to shut off the 2G network by 2017. business.att.com/enterprise/ … oMdrspsxvO