How to ping from one modem (RV55) to another in acemanager

I have three RV55 modems (new) that are connected to the internet via AT&T. How do you ping from one modem to another.

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Normally the network operator will provide you an private IP address if you use a normal SIM.
So, if you want to ping from RV55 to another then you must have a public IP.
Please contact your mobile service provider to get a public IP.



Thank you for replying. This is not quite the answer I had in mind, maybe if I rephrase it.

From inside the AceManager software can I from being online with modem #1 ping modem #2 to see if they are seeing each other on the cellular network


Hi @wfleming ,
If you have a public IP on your RV55 then you can ping it from other gateways by use Ping feature (Admin → Advanced → Ping) in ACEmanager.