How to include a header file?


how does one include a header file into a project?

I am starting with the empty minimum new project build, but as soon as I include a header file (ed_socket.h) the stops building.

I have the tcpip libs, I rebuild all from vc6++, and I used the oat settings tool to check and see I do indead have aditional tcpip libs directory selected.


Put it in the inc folder, then re-run the Project Wizard - choosing ‘Existing Project’ as your base.


You should review the Tutorial for Open AT and Tools Manual for Open AT documents.

Although it’s not as completely clear as it might be, they do answer this question.


Well that will get it to compile and build, but you cannot actually use any of the functions in the headers. You still need to manually add the libs into the project in the script box.

Once yuou manually add the libs in, you can call any function in the libs you want.

One question. I find it hard to tell if the build is good, or if there are errors. Is there any good methods to filter all the output to show only errors compiling, linking, and making? I use VC6++ or .NET 2003.


Yes, that’s the way it works!
The Header file simply informs that Compiler that the functions will be provided by some other means; you still have to provide the actual functions themselves - in this case, as a Library.

This is common to all development systems - not just Wavecom.

See above - if you don’t add the libraries, they are not there to be used!

I find that the Visual Studio output for Remote Mode builds is fine, but I agree with you about the Target Mode build - there is just so much rubbish to wade through, and some of the messages seem to be just downright misleading! :angry:


It seems simple once you know the mechanism.

Other than executing build scripts, the VS enviroment is not much more then a nice editor in this case. I thought there was more going on.


As I said, the machanism is common to all ‘C’ environments - not just wavecom.

In the case of a Target build, this is true.

However, in the case of a Remote Mode Project, Visual Studio is using its full project facilities, and doing the full Compile & Link.