Connection TCP libraries to the project

Dear friends
For use of opportunities GPRS it is necessary for me to connect library with functions TCP Socket. I use OpenAT 3.02 both libraries and header files are placed in a directory c:\OpenAT\OtherLibs\v3.02. How to connect header files and libraries to project Visual Studio.Net 2003 that at linkage mistakes of use of functions such as ed_SocketSetConfig were not given out.

Hi mLab,
There are various ways to link the TCP/IP libraries and include the header files.
Under Debug Mode:

  1. You can give the name of the TCP/IP library (i.e. rte_eDlib…) in the list of libraries that are to be linked in the Visual Studio linking options.
  2. You have to then provide the path of library and path of header file in the Include File and Library file path.
    Under Target Mode:
  3. In this case, you can modify the MAK file of the project to include the TCP/IP library path.

However, the best way so that you have have TCP/IP library linked in both the modes, is to change the project settings. This can be done by using the project’s .scs file.
A file named “Project_name.scs” is present in the root directory where you have created your Project workspace.
Go to this directory and double click on this file.
This file will Open in Open-AT project Wizard.
Now in Open-AT project wizard, (under wmnew additional options box), write
-otherlib /TCPIP/v3.02 -inc /TCPIP/v3.02/inc
This will link the library with your OAT application and will also resolve the header files that need to be included.
Hope this solves your problem.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.