Add-on library problem

hi all.
last week we wanted to go back our previous project to edit a few things. that project was written under the openAT SDK version 3.10 and using edlib coming as add-ons.
i successfully installed open at and no problems can be seen untill when try to build our project it shows errors like:
can not open file “ed_gprs.h”
can not open file “ed_socket.h”

i found those files under my openat directory’s subdirectory named Add-ons/TCPIP/inc . and i added this path to visual studio 6.0 to correct the errors. Bu at this time it shows errors like:

unresolved external symbol _ed_SendDataExt
unresolved external symbol _ed… etc.

i tried to add library files also but i couldnt correct it. how can i solve this problem?

hi again.
i solved the problem by executing project wizard with the value of “wmnew script additional options” as “-otherlib TCPIP -otherlib DTL”. Can be useful for someoneelse.