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I am a beginner to OpenAT so I started with the hello_world example. I built and ran it successfully and now I want to extend it.

So I began trying the wm_atSendCommand function. I included wm_apm.h. First the compiler could bot find the include file so I copied it to the project directory. Now I get a link error saying: “undefined reference to `wm_atSendCommand’”.

Seems that I have to link some library. But which and how?

I hope some-one can help me out.

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Are you mixing the “Basic” API and the “ADL” API?


Am I?

I am using OpenAt 3.10. In the documentation I did not read anything about a “Basic” API.

Please, explain me more…


In the Open-AT Project Wizard, there is a box ‘Please select the API’ with options ‘ADL (recommended)’ and ‘Basic’

I have the ADL User Guide for Open-AT v3.03;

The very first section, 1.1 Important Remarks says,

It goes on to say,

The Basic Development Guide is BUG_Basic_Development_Guide_for_Open_AT_v303_rev001.pdf

See also the Tools Manual for Open AT:


Ok, thanks. I was mixing up some documents.

I think I am beginning to understand now.

Kind regards…