How to import project from Visual Studio to Developer Studio

I am using visual studio 2003 to develop & debug my Q2686 codes. My firmware version is R7.1b and complier version is 2.03.

Anyway when I bought the Q2686 MCU with R7.44 firmware pre-installed. I found I can’t download my current DWL file. It required compiler version late than 2.10.

I have download & installed develop studio V2.35. But I found it only support Eclipse IDE and also I fail to import my VS project to the new environment.

Could anyboady can tell me how can I solve this problem? Thanks

or can I continue to use Visual Studio 2003 to debug & complie DWL file?

The problem is: how to change the settings in both of debug mode and target mode?

We indeed made the choice to not support officially Visual Studio anymore since Open AT Software Suite version 2.32
You should migrate to Developer Studio in order to be able to build projects from this version.
If your legacy project was created with Open AT IDE V1, there’s a chance that Developer Studio can import it using the “Import Open AT IDE V1 Project” facility.
If this is not possible, you can anyway create a blank project and insert your sources inside. Hopefully, if your project structure (include paths, symbols…) is not too complex, it’s a matter of minutes.