Can't compiler project

I can’t compilation project in the Developer studio.
I create File\new\Open At Project\Enter project name\Chose module(Q2686H)\open Fraimwork\Hello world(open project)\Finsh.
I wrote firmware to the Q2686H,(file xxx.dwl), this program working. But if I change string for send(“Hello World from Open-AT”) on “Hello 123456” and compilation this project and will write firmware to the Q2686H. I will have “Hello World from Open-AT”.
My compiler compile old code though wrote new code(“Hello 123456” ). What is the problem?

Thank you.
I decided this problem.
When i wrote firmware to Q2686H i using external program and Q2686H wasn’t connect to Developer studio. Firmware compiled but don’t work correctly. Then i connected Q2686H to Developer studio using com port - it worked.


A couple of quick things to check:

  1. is your project actually compiling? Check in the ‘console’ tab (underneath your code window) to make sure that there’s no errors. Likewise, check that there’s no ‘little red squares’ next to the scroll bar in your code window. If there are either of these, check the messages and deal with your errors appropriately.

Also make sure that you’re using the same application libraries as the firmware loaded in your module. Right click on your project in Project explorer, then go to Properties->Open AT Application and go to the firmware tab. Note the value next to the ticked 'firmware package (7.xxxxx). Change to the Target perspective, and type the following in the command window:


Look in the data presented there for the firmware version of the module. This MUST be the same as that in the Open AT application. If not, either upgrade your module or framework package in Dev Studio.

  1. Confirm that you are connected to your device correctly in the Target Management perspective.

  2. Manually stop and erase your existing application in your modem.

  • Open the Target Management perspective and connect (open port) your device
  • in the console type the following command:

This will stop the running application and reboot the module

  • once the modle has rebooted, type the following command in the console:

This will erase the existing application

  • Download your new code to the module using the Target Management download wizard.
  • ensure the code has started by typing the following in the console:

This will reboot the module and start your application.

Hope this helps you get going.

ciao, Dave

I am also experiencing the same thing as you and there is no way to fix it