Open AT firmware problem...

Hello friends,

I have Open AT 4.00 version but after installed it to machine , in the Open AT directory it is written V400.a03.What is a03 here?Why it is not v400.000?Can be it a beta version?

I’m asking this question because When I download the sample binary (.dwl file ) which comes with Open AT CD to the module(wismo q2686), it does not work.I think there is a problem with either Open AT SDK or firmware version downloaded to the module.

I have also Open AT 3.02.If you say it is more convenient to use 3.02 instead of 4.00 , I can use it.But I haven’t got the firmware works with 3.02.

Could you please send me , if you have ,Open AT firmware and downloader version works rightly with 3.02 and 4.00?I will try both of them.

And also isn’t there new pdf document which tells firmware upgrading,downloading.There is one with me but is too old.Is from year 2001.



Yes that is a beta version (actually alpha)
Please contact your distributor for the latest beta version.
Best regards