Developer Studio v2.2.0

Hi all,

Developer Studio 2.2.0 has just been released!

Release highlights:

  • Project manager now fully support Open AT project for SL808xT.
  • Memory Mapping editor newly introduce. Offering a graphical view of memory split between firmware, Open AT application and storage area.
  • With the introduction of the File System feature in Open AT Framework 2.5x branch, Developer Studio now provides a complete support with a File System Browser. Speeding up application development by easing storage area management in Open AT application.
  • On each compilation, Developer Studio now deliver a manufacturing binary .MAPPING.DWL file, removing the need to configure each memory area of the module on customer manufacturing line while loading the Open AT application (example: no need to execute +WOPEN=6 command anymore), easing their task to go to market with Open AT.
  • While handling traces, Developer Studio now gives the ability to use Profiles, easing trace management on recurring traces. Just open the Trace view, and go in the new Profiles tab.

Download Developer Studio now and get latest release notes.

Note: Initial issue reported in the forum has been immediately corrected. If you didn’t yet installed the patch, an updated version is already available, please just synchronize your Developer Studio installation to the latest one.


This sounds very useful, but how does it work? At the moment, I use the .wpb file that is generated, and use DWLWin to download both the firmware and the application in production. Where is the .MAPPING.DWL file located? I can’t see it in the build directory. How is it used with DWLWin?

I like the new memory mapping editor and look forward to the file system support!

The mapping DWL file is built as soon as you’ve toggled on and configured the mapping in the Application Settings editor.
Please note that:

  • this aims to work only through Developer Studio (and by extension XModem download), not through DWLWIN.
  • only FW 7.5X branch (to be released soon) supports memory mapping editor.

This doesn’t seem to work for me. There’s only the one type of “Embedded Module” in the project settings dropdown: “WMP100, Q26, WMP50, Q64, Fastrack Supreme, WMP120, WMP150, Q39, Q55, Q52, Fastrack Xtend, SL Series, GL Series”. While that should cover SL8082T, when it comes to downloading the application (rebuilt) I’m told it’s not compatible (see attached image).
If I try downloading it anyway, the download doesn’t get past the first block and the module has to be rebooted to reestablish communications.

I get same warning loading code to FXT003.
Loading works after I dismiss the warning, but it is quite annoying.


In your Open AT application project properties (Open AT Application > Build Settings > Module type), you have to select the right option to configure your project to fit with your module.
If you don’t get the module you want in the list, you’re probably not using the right Firmware package in your project configuration.

Last thing, we’ll have a look to change the wording: “SL series” module type actually means SL608X, not SL808X…