How to enable airprime hl7588 ping request?

I have and Issue to enable airprime hl7588 ping request, I made a lot of test but I didnt have a ping response, did you know how to enable ICMP protocol for 4g Module?.

How about implementing ICMP packet via UDP socket?

I need it for TCP client or server.

we need to know the status of the remote device from the server with a ping

i mean you use the +KUDPSND to make a ICMP ping communication

The type of conection used is TCP CLIENT and TCP Server, there is where we need the ping works.

Ping is not using tcp protocol …

Ok, We configure the UDP in Module but it still doesnt work, we have another module the HL7548 and the ping works perfectly, Please, what can we do to fix this issue with the module.

how about just sending out some UDP traffic?
or just ICMP is not working?
Are you using same A2.15 FW and same SIM card on both HL7548 and HL7588?

Ok, the UDP traffic did it yesterday and the AT command was introduced and we dont recieve answer.
the ICMP protocol doesnt work, or ping doesnt work.
we use diferent FW as A2.15, 13, 14, and it doesnt work, we use always the same simcard here in colombia with MOVISTAR operator in both modules, we use the HL7548-G and the HL7588, I dont know if I give you Anydesk or Teamviewer to a computer with the module connected maybe could you give some direction about how to resolve this issue.

thanks in advance.

The A2.15 fw is the same for hl7548 and hl7588, it does not make sense that only hl7548 is working

That is why we are here, because it doesnt work for LTE. and the configuration in module 3G and 4g LTE are the same, so it should work. but it doesnt.

Hl7548 is also lte module, does it work

Is that only ping not working? How about udp communication?

Im sorry, my mistake, the module that response with ping is the HL 8548-G, it works perfectly with 3g and i get the ping response.

the HL7588 I didnt get a ping response in no band.

Is that only ping not working? How about udp communication?

Hl7588 also has 3G, have you tried ping in 3G?

the UDP communicaction is working OK.
HL7588 works in 3G and it doesnt response the ping request

Are you ping from outside to hl7588?

Does hl7588 have public ip address?

Or you want hl7588 to ping some server?

Here says you can configure the module to 3G mode and ping is working (seems a bit different from what you say above):

Yes, Im doing ping from outside the HL7588 and it doesnt answer.

Yes, the HL7588 has a public IP Address which supplies the network operator.

No, the module HL7588 dont answer none ping request, that was my mistake in the other forum.

I sent to you screenshoots about how module is cofigured.

Probably you need to find workaround like answering to udp request instead of ping request

Btw, from your log, module seems to have private ip address instead of public ip addrsss

Yes, but even in the same network we dont recieve the ping answer.

For example, i sent you the ping request in module 3G HL 8548-G with the same simcard used in module LTE, as you see it works perfectly but when we use the module HL7588 it doesnt work.

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-21 at 11.50.09 AM

Probably you need to find workaround like answering to udp request instead of ping request