How to enable airprime hl7588 ping request?

Yes, but, we need to know when the module is up and working and the only way to see this is just requesting a ping to the module.

You can setup a udp server whenever module is up

So, definitely, the module HL7588 doesnt work for ping, we need to search another alternative in other modules LTE to solve this.

This is not possible because we cant say to the clients “if you want to know if your module is working create a UDP server and see if it connect” even, having this on mind, not all the clients has the knowledge for do this.

one last thing you can try is different mode of +CEMODE and see if the module responds to ping request

option 0 and 3 not work, +CREG: 0.
option 1 and 2 work OK but PING doesnt work.