Can´t make ping with module HL7588 4G

Hi Everyone, I Have a Module 4G HL7588, my problem is that i Can´t make ping to this interface when its connected to a 4G LTE network, if I connect the device to a 3G network the device can make ping, the question is if exist an AT command to enable ICMP protocol in the module or some AT command to be able to make pink to the module.


do you mean you want to ping the module from PC?
does your module obtain public IP address?

Yes, my module get a Public IP Address if I want to see if my communication is up I make a ping from a PC and I Didn´t get a response.

I don´t know if exist some AT command to allow protocol ICMP or enable ping for this module.

thanks for your response.

how about making a udp server on module and monitor what is received ?

Im going to test and I tell you later my results.

Hi, Sorry for my delay, but here I am.

I configured the UDP Server and I Didnt receive any response from module 4G, what can I do?

I stay tuned for your response.


so UDP is working in 3G only?
if so, you need to check with the network operator

Yes, even if I configure the module in 3g Operation it response the ping request, but when I turn back to 4G I didnt get a response.

I made a test connecting the 4g module in Windows 10 creating a COM Connection and It connect and I recieve the ping request that I made to Module, So I Dont think the movil Operator cant be the problem.

The UDP Server works in 3G and 4G, in LTE dont work.

You mean in lte, udp server does not work in all port?

Yes, no matter the port, It doesnt work.

no idea…
have you upgraded to latest FW?

Yes, But I dont know if I have the last one, could you please send me the last version to test?.

you can see here:

I Saw the webpage and I Have the last Firmware in my module, so this is not the problem.

If you change another network operator, is it the same case?

Yes, even I have clients with my modems in other countrys around south america and they have the same problem.

How about tcp server? Does it work in lte mode?

It works in LTE or 3G but we didnt get a ping response, we need the module get a response when we request a ping.