How to connect Q64 to iternet server

Hi everybody.
i am working with the Q64 module, and i want to konow if there is any way to send a message directly to the web.

Thanks a lot

No, there isn’t - because “the web” isn’t an actual entity that you can send things to!

What you can do, however is to send HTTP messages to an HTTP server.
This obviously requires that you have an understanding of HTTP - for which see, eg:

Sending HTTP messages requires the use of a TCP/IP LINK.
Again, this obviously requires that you have an understanding of TCP/IP - for which see, eg: … insock.htm … ckets.html

None of the above has anything specifically to do with Wavecom, Sierra Wireless, Open-AT, or the Q64; they are all standard internet protocols & practices - so any general textbook will be applicable.

Specifically for Open-AT, Sierra Wireless provide WIP to give access to Internet protocols it comes in two forms:

  • WIPSoft provides AT Commands for use by an external controller;
  • WIPLib is for use by an Open-AT application running within the module.