How to compile with Open At 3.00???

I implemented my application with ADL and now new version of Open At 3.0 released.

I have problem about the new version. I can’t compile my c code with new compiler.As you know V 2.10 I was compiling codes with cygwin.

commands and to add appli.mak file Otherliblist c:/v.2.10 was enough for compiling.

How can I compile my ADL c file with new version of Open-At and cygwin…


Hello [color=blue]enen,

You don’t really describe what the problem is… you just say:

In order to try to answer, we need more details of whats going wrong.

Are you getting alot of warnings and errors while building the application or do you have problem with the installation of the Open AT 3.xx, or problems with creating the project?


hi firstly thanks for your answer…

I was using cygwin for compile my c files. ( for open at version 2.10)

in order to create out file wmnew and wammake are enough

for build mak files…
wmnew -32 -gcc -adl -name sample -src ./src -inc ./inc

for build out err and another files
wmnew sample -d

i can’t compile like that with new version(open at 3.02) .Is there any changing for new version.

Or can you explain how can i compile…


First of all, its important that you have succeded with the installation of the V3.02 (it is likely you could stumble into problems if you are upgrading from V 2.xx to V3.02, see other topics in this forum)

The easiest way to getting started with Open AT v3.02 is by following the steps in the “Open AT 3.02 Tutorial” document and to use the “Project Wizard”. The Wavecom documentation strongly recommends using the “Project Wizard” when changing the project.

After the “Project Wizard” you can choose to develop and build your application either with a development environment (Microsoft Visual C++) or with the Cygwin command line. (both ways are described in the document mentioned above)

When porting to V3.02, you also need to be aware of that the some API functions has changed (see the “Open AT porting guide, 2.xx to 3.00” document).