I am a new developer,and need help.

When i try to creat Open-AT Project Wizard, the Open-AT Project Wizard display the following error message:"[color=green]Wmnew script error 5([wmsync] unknow file)".I have tried my best to find the reason by looking into the Open-AT Documentation,but i failed.So i turn to you.I am eager to get your help! :cry: E-mail:lijihao1983@tom.com

I don’t know the precise reason for the error experienced by you as I have never faced this error. However, to solve this problem following are the steps that you can take:

  1. Ensure that you have administrative rights on the PC on which you are installing Open-AT and it is having Windows XP/2000 OS. This is because, the GCC compiler provided with the Open-AT works fine with Win XP/2000.
  2. Reinstall Open-AT. When the setup starts, select all the components while installing. When the install is in progress, please ensure that Microsoft Visual Studio is not open and no instance of cygwin is open.
  3. When the cygwin installation appears, and the “Select Packages” dialog box appears, Click on the “Default” option present adjacent to “All”. When you click there, all the “Defaults” for the packages will change to “Install”. This means that you want to install all the components that are present in the Cygwin installation.
  4. Now click next.
  5. This should fix any problem that you experience.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.

Thank you for giving me guidence!
Let me have a try.