Wmnew script error 3 (bad environment settings)

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I am having problems to create new projects. Every time that I try to create a new one using the Open AT Project Wizard, I got the following error:

Wavecom sent me a file that says how to fix it (see at the end of the topic), but I am having problem on step 6 and 7.

  1. There is not VUSR_*** at my passwd file

  2. The command “wmsetup” is not creating the home directory.

Anyone can help me on that ???

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Gustavo Nunes

  1. Delete the old cygwin folder (with all its contents) and reinstall Open AT with complete installation of cygwin (By selecting “Install” option for all the packages).

  2. Delete “passwd” and “group” files from etc folder of cygwin directory. Also delete the “home” folder if present in cygwin directory.

  3. Open the cygwin window (Or cygwin.bat file from cygwin directory) and execute the command mkgroup –l > /etc/group. Then execute the command mkpasswd –l > /etc/passwd. These commands will recreate “passwd” and “group” files in the etc folder of cygwin directory. Close the cygwin window.

  4. Now open the “group” file present in the etc directory of cygwin and add the following line in it:
    This line should be the first line of “group” file. Save and close the group file.

  5. Open the “passwd” file present in the etc directory of cygwin. This file will contain some entries starting with VUSR_computername (for example VUSR_wavecom-regis4, VUSR_wavecom-regis3 etc).

  6. Edit one such line by replacing VUSR_computername (in complete line) by the user login name. (For example replace VSUR_wavecom-regis4 by rma). Save and close the file.

  7. Now open the cygwin window and execute wmsetup command. It will recreate the “home” folder in cygwin directory and will resolve the problem.

I have found that on some Pc’s .bashrc is blocked by some user permission (as set by domain controller).
So my fix is to do “cp .bashrc .bash_profile” in Cygwin
This will create .bash_profile (wich is cygwin default script to run)containing the script to run as specified in .bashrc
And if you are a domain user then you should create a local user with the same name as your domain username with administrator rights.
And then reinstall openat.(reinstall all in cygwin).
It is easier to do this than to find the policy on the domain controller that is blocking you and fixing it.
I hope this is useful information
I think that Eclipse will fix alot of cygwin problems :smiley:

You will not believe that…It is working… :smiley:

Thanks for you help…


I new to Open AT and when I try running Open AT Project Wizard I Got the same error, so looking for some help on other forum and without an answer. Then I open the wavecom website, I see it has forum so i joint it. After joining the forum I search using error name and I come to this topic, without delay I try. And it work instantly.

Thank you.

Thanks !!

I had  met this error 
Now I have fix it according the steps above