Wmnew script error 6 (OpenAT 4.0 A02)


Hello everybody,

I am trying to use the Open-AT Project Wizard to create a project based on Existing Project. I am getting a Wmnew script error 6 ([wmsync] xsltproc package is not installed on the sytem).

What’s wrong? I installed OpenAT V400.a02 and the installation crashed at one point - leaving important directory settings blank, but I think I have now setup all the directories to their correct locations… Also, in this release is SGT version v1.2.11 included, and the settings are loaded from .bashrc when cygwin starts… Any ideas??

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Hi Jan,
The error “Wmnew script error 6 ([wmsync] xsltproc package is not installed on the sytem)” occurs when the necessary components and packages (more specifically xsltproc package) of Cygwin are not properly installed.
Hence, to solve the problem, you need to install Cygwin again. While installing Cygwin, please select All-> Install in the “Select Packages” window. This will install all the Cygwin packages.

As you have stated that installation had crashed at a point, it is better to reinstall Open-AT again. This would automatically fix any missing packages and paths.

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Open AT Fan.


Thank you very much, OpenAT Fan!

The crash during installation was still there, but it doesn’t seem to matter that much… I guess that’s the Beta :wink:

The problem was indeed that not everything of cygwin was installed. (user error :blush:)

Best Regards,