Compile Problem with OpenAT 3.02

I’m upgraded Open AT 2.10 to 3.02 but I don’t compiled old projects with new cygwin.

Before compile Open AT 2.10

wmnew -adl -gcc -n PN -src ./src .inc/inc
this structure create make files and

wmmake PN -d compiled.

How do I create and compiled Open AT 3.02 with cygwin

Hello Cihan,

You can still use the command line wmnew and the wmmake scripts in Open AT 3.02 but its easier to build the application from the Visual environment (both debug and target build).

Your question…

…is very general so the answer is also general:

For more general information about the scripts I refer to chapter 8 (Command-line scripts) in the “Open AT 3.02 Tools Manual”


it doesn’t work

is there anybody which compile like that I tried but it doesn’t work…

Can somebody give scripts…[