How to add .c and .h files to existing project?

I’m using Q2686 and OpenAT 4.01 without Visual C++. When I tryed to add .h and .c files to my project (I put them in /inc and /src and launched Project Wizard) compiller could not find included files. So, how to add files to project correct?

Re-run the Project Wizard, specifying “Existing Project”

Of course I did "“Existing project” etc… But gcc said that it can’t find my new .h and .c files. Anybody tryed to to the same with OpenAT 4.01b?

Did you checked if all your source files are listed under the SRC_C_LIST in the makefile. If not… there is your answer.

I can’t get the project wizard to recognize the existing files as well.
I’ve tried the command line one and the project wizard.