As to add file.c and file.h



I am writing an application for Fastrck M1306B with visual C++ 2003

This code is very long, therefore I have written some procedures in a file.c
and the relative Header file.h.

I have inserted the file.c in the field src where I find appli.c after I have created the field inc and here I have inserted the file.h

When I compile I am not created any error and warning, but when I create the wismo target in field gcc\out I don’t find _B.wpb.dwl.

Can you help me?


Did you re-run the Project Wizard to add the files to both the Remote (VC) and the Target (ARM) Projects?

See: … .php?t=774



Can you explain me as to "Re-run the Project Wizard, specifying “Existing Project” "?



I think you need to read the Tools Manual for Open-AT

Possibly also the Tutorial?