OOP/C++ [encapsualtion] cannot add classes to project


I create new Open AT project, and I want to work on classes. So I add a class: HexData in eclipse but I cannot compile. How to add clasess to project?
What am I doing wrong? Please see below how I add class.

  1. Creating new project

  2. open created project with eclipse IDE

  3. Adding class: From File->New->Class I add HexData to project

  4. I add header file, to point to my new class, and it hasn’t been recognized.

5. So I add full path to my header, but it seems that open AT doesn’t recognize classes

Note that all the Open-AT SDK as supplied is ANSI ‘C’ - not C++

So you’re going to have to do some groundwork to put C++ support in place, if you want it…

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Yes I would like to have C++ support. How can I add C++ support to OpenAT? Where can I find more information about C++ support?

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Unfortunately, the stupid forum software won’t allow you to use “C++” as a search term! :angry:

But try these:



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I see there is lot of things to change. Will stay with structs and ANSI C