Issues Adding C++ code to an Open AT project

First and foremost, I would really appreciate seeing an example of an Open AT project using C++ which compiles, links, and executes successfully. I haven’t found any examples including *.cpp files within the list of sample projects within the new project wizard.

I’m pretty sure I followed this guide pretty closely, but I’m still encountering problems:
Developer Studio User Guide > Build System > Open AT Features > Adding C++ code to an Open AT project

At first I had numerous linking errors, but that was resolved by adding the eabi_stub.c file as mentioned in the guide. Adding that file seemed to get things working, but my attempt to download the package failed. It was hung up at “waiting for module detection,” then there was an error dialog saying something about switching from production mode, and asking if I wanted to force development on the current port. Clicking “OK” didn’t help.

Strangely, though, I was able to run the hello_world project without any trouble. Could this be an issue with my code? It was built successfully, but for some reason this package in particular is causing issues.

It sounds like your app is crashing as soon as the module starts.
Maybe could you post your zipped project here so that one can find what’s going wrong?

Well, this is embarrassing…

It turns out I just had an infinite loop in my code that didn’t belong, which I originally included for debugging purposes. I’m no longer having issues now that I removed it.

Thanks for pointing out the fact that the IDE will crash if my app crashes. I had assumed that execution wouldn’t start until after the download process was completed.