How to activate WIP AT command?


Guys, I did my homework on this one but cannot get WIP AT Command activated. :blush: I want to use WIP AT Commands through the hyperterminal with Supreme 20 in order to FTP files. :smiley:

First I read WIP AT Command user guide Ver 3.11 but there is no description on how to activate WIP AT Command. I read OpenAT IP Connectivity Development guide to search for clues also.
I search through this forum with “WIP AT Command” and “Extended AT command” with no results.
I googled, and found this discussion:

So I tried the below with my Fastrack Supreme 20,
this one is ok:

The AT+WCFM i have problems because I don’t have any password (or is a password needed):

+WCFM: 0066,0

+WCFM: 00000071,0


Did I miss anything in reading the manuals? Or did I read the wrong manuals? I really spent hours searching through the internet :mrgreen: Thanks!



You have to download an application wipsoft.dwl to the module, which is available with distributors Or in wavecom site. The wipsoft is dependent upon the firmware versions of the modules. after downloading you need to run the application. After you are able to work with WIP AT Commands.