How do you want to receive new software update releases ?

Dear developer community,

Wavecom is listening to some of your concerns regarding the limited visibility of new software
product releases. While we currently publish releases under the developer profile areas of our
site, some of you are not aware for some time of these releases due to the pull nature of a
web site.

There are several push mechanisms we could choose from in order to address this concern:

  1. Win32 desktop client that displays a pop-up in the bottom right hand corner of your task bar.
  2. Email to every registered Developer
  3. RSS feed
  4. Web site pull only

Please tell us what you prefer by voting in this poll.

I think the problem of visibility goes well beyond just new releases - there are still very significant omissions from the downloads site for current information!

See: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2160&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a

M2M applications usually have very long life-spans; so it is important for the M2M market that full product documentation & support needs to remain available for “older” products - not just the latest and greatest.

For example, dismissing the M1306B as “obsolete” the minute the Supreme was released is not going to encourage any potential customer that Wavecom is a suitable partner for a long-term project, is it?!

Maybe i am a little old-fashioned but why it can’t be FTP? Itt looks like the current download section still has some glitches and i don’t like this unfoldoling folder style. A well organized file structure could be simple to use and you can choose a nice FTP client. There are some limiations regarding FTP access on some corporate internet connection, but i don’t think that usually concers the development division. :slight_smile:

I agree!

Especially when you need to download more than one item: with a decent FTP client, it’s easy to select everything that you require, then just let it run :smiley:
Bu with the website, you have to select and download each item individually :angry:

You certainly are old fashioned… as most developers are, myself included! :slight_smile: I support your view in a slightly generalized way: please, please Keep It Stupid Simple. Developers don’t care about fancy buttons, flash gizmos, interactive effects and whatnot. They love old, simplistic, reliable, unimaginative, scriptable stuff that are simple enough for them to understand and hack easily: that’s the way they leverage their computer literacy.

I think you’ve hit a (the?) key word there!