How do i download from the wavecom website?

Why can’t I see any downlaod tabs or links anywhere on the wavecom website??? It says all over the place to go the products page then select the wirelss CPU and click the downloads tab. But wait, NO TAB TO CLICK!!!

I am logged in, so what is the problem?

Wavecom, why do you make everything so @$#%!* difficult? I just wanna get my work done hey.

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Which Wireless CPU are you looking at?

I’ve just tried a few “current” products, and they all have ‘downloads’ tabs

The “obsolete” products don’t seem to have tabs, and most of the folders are empty. :angry: :angry: :angry:

Wavecom really haven’t delivered on the promise of this new website. :angry:


Are you logged into the developers section of the website, or just the forum?

It’s my experience that you have to log into each section separately.

ciao, Dave

Ops I found the tab. Looks like I have to eat my words. It is under the wireless CPUs.