Download Issues



I have been trying to download some technical documents from the Wavecom website, specifically the GR64 or Q64 GPRS modems. However I have had no success fotr the pas few days… download appears to start fine but then I stop receiving data altogether until the browser times-out (both Firefix and IE8).

The files I have been trying to download are available here: … ctName=Q64 … tName=GR64

Is anyout out there experiencing the same issue?

Is the wavecom website partially down?

Please shed some light!



The downloads require you to be logged-in as a developer.

When you log-in as a developer, there is a ‘Contact Wavecom’ page: … re_contact

Have you tried any of those contact routes?


the downloads work just fine for me.


Thanks your your assistance I have managed to obtain the manuals using a different internet connection.