Documentation Download Problems

I’m trying to download WMP related documents from the products download page but unfortunately there’s a download error in most of the files. I’ve tried with Firefox, IE and in several machines and allways the same.

is there a problem with the site download feature?

BTW, any other way to download this files?:
WMP150 and WMP100 Product Technical Specification and Customer Design Guidelines-Rev002.pdf
WMP100 Manufacturing Guide rev003 July 2007.pdf


As far as i know buddy, we are able to download the manuals from the wavecom site quite comfortably… Can u elaborate more on the error which you are recieving…??? May b a screen shot wud help… otherwise, you can ask for the documents from your distributor as well…

enjoy… :smiley: [/i]

You should report website problems to

Yes! Contact your Distributor!