How do I know the MSCI IDs to use TLV event reporting?

Hello, I have an RV50 and I would like to use Event Reporting with multiple data groups. The manual says that TLV (Type, Length, Value) is the recommended format because it includes the type of every parameter, otherwise you could misinterpret it (for example Board Temperature and Radio Temperature). I agree with that.

I want to use TLV format, however I don’t know what value it uses for the type field. The manual says it’s the MSCI ID but I don’t know where to find that. Is there a list somewhere that has the MSCI ID for every event report option?

Analyzing the raw data that comes in I can see that for example, id 301 is the IP address or id 266 is the RV50 voltage. However I would rather not have to reverse engineer it and just look at the official source directly.

Can anyone help me?

[url]] seems will help you :slight_smile: