Decoding TLV messages from the modems (sent via UDP or TCP)

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how to properly parse the bytes from a TLV message triggered via Event Reporting menu on the ALEOS, is there a document that describes how to do this ?

My problem mainly is with the first 6 bytes here is an example:


I found some code over at …

Which helped but things aren’t lining up properly:

F2 -> Type Byte (decodes to TlvType.RESOURCE_VALUE, 16 bit identifier, 16 bit length )
01-01 -> Message identifier (257)
*31-00-> According to the code above this should be the length but this is incorrect
00-50-> This is the actual length of the message i am receiving 80 bytes and is correct.

Anyone out there have an idea of how the header bytes are to be decoded for the message ?

thank you