RV50 serial problem when turning off device ID reporting


I am using an RV50 to route TCP/IP packets to serial and vice versa. I have it 99% working… I have the serial port connected to a PC and I can send data in both directions. The problem is, the serial data going into the RV50 over its serial port is being prepended with the device ID, which in my case is the IMEI. I don’t want the RV50 to do this. When I go into the “serial->TCP->Include Device ID on TCP Connect” setting and configure it to “Disable” (and reboot) the RV 50 no longer does anything over serial. When I send data to the radio over cell I can see the traffic activity light flutter (as it should) but nothing comes out of the serial port anymore.

Very odd behavior… does anyone know why it’s doing this? It looks like a bug in the firmware.


Hi artcole,

This is definitely not expected behaviour. Can I ask what firmware version you’re running? I recommend upgrading to 4.8.1 if it’s anything lower:

source.sierrawireless.com/resou … ware-list/