How do i get my hands on 'DWL WIN'?

As with many things on Wavecom documentation, it is nearly impossible to find out where to get a copy of the ‘DWL WIN’ application. Let alone knowing the existance of this application.

AFAIK, i need this application to get in contact with my Q2686 when it becomes impossible to connect to it with AT commands. I followed the firmware update process explained in the Wavecom documentation, but after downloading the dwl.dwl file, my Q2686 hangs and consumes almost 300mA on my ‘Wavecom Development Kit Q26 WM0402301’.

As there is no email support from Wavceom, how and where do i get a copy of this application?

Best regards
Kaare Mai

You should get support via your Distributor.

You can now access all the downloads from the Developer section of the Wavecom website:

It used to be that this was only available to Distributors.
It’s now on the Developer site, but the documents haven’t been updated to reflect that. :cry:

Thanks for the information, i will contact our distributor when i find out who it is :slight_smile:

Regarding the developer site; DWL WIN is not present for download there. Only the folder is there but there is nothing in it.

How do you obtain the device if not through a distributor…? :open_mouth:

I can see it:


We are creating the software for one of our customers. It is the customer which has bought the device. Therefore it would just have been easier for me to download the software directly instead of contacting my boss, which then has to contact our customer, which then has to contact his distributor :slight_smile:

And regarding the folder on the download site, it is empty on my screen ( i am logged in) and i cannot click on it.

You need to report that to

Just so you don’t think you are alone, I get the same here. The DWL WIN folder is empty and cannot be opened. I can’t tell of course, but it seems to me that other things are missing too.