Firmware DWL download

I cannot find any documentation on this topic. Where do i download the latest firmware for Q2687 in DWL format???

If i go to the downloads+support page at sierra wireless it only lists the wpk version of the firmware.

And no, it is NOT a solution to say that you can get it through their development studio.

I couldn’t find any location for a dwl file but you can install the latest firmware to your device using the wpk file provided in … Q2687.aspx (you should be logged in to see the files) via DWLWin (also provided in the same page)

Why not?

It is not a solution for our customer to use the DwlWin program. Therefore we need the dwl file as +wdwl is the established way for our customers to upgrade both the firmware and software.

Simply because we do not use this IDE but rather Visual Studio. It is simply stupid to have to install a 500 MB IDE that we don’t use, just to get the dwl version of the firmware, which they could easily put on the downloads website as they have done with the wpk file.

So why didn’t you just say that?

Anyhow, I think you’ll find that the WPK is actually just a ZIP file with the .zip extension changed to .wpk

But you’re right - it is daft not to provide the DWL file separately.

Can’t your Distributor provide it to you?