How can I create the .dwl files to download to the module?


Hello all!

How can I create the .dwl files to download them to the module? I use the Q2406A module.



You must compile your code in Wismo Target Mode instead of debug.
Your compiler will create a dwl file in your_project/your_compiler/out




Thank you very much gdt.

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Mine is set up like this, with the Wismo Target as my active configuration. I stll don’t get .dwl files though?

I’m trying the Ping_GPRS example, and it compiles to files called gcc_Ping_GPRS_B.* with the *'s being:


I have an gen.backtraces64k.axf file, as well as an opec_asm.o file.

When I do my build, I get this error:

Check environment settings…

Launch a full library or binary process

…/out/gcc_Ping_GPRS_B.flt:34: *** target pattern contains no `%’. Stop.

Find errors occurred when using SGT


Anyone have any ideas why this would be happening? Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.


I found out it didn’t like the normal install of Cygwin. I re-installed evreything, and for the Cygwin part, I used their Cygwin files on the CD. It seems the newer versions of Cygwin don’t work very well.


I had this problem as well. Replace make with version 3.80. 3.81 removed support for windows filenames for some reason.