HL8548 current consumption in Sleep mode

According to “AirPrime_HL8548_and_HL8548_G_Product_Technical_Specification_Rev7_1.pdf” at page 30, current consumption in Sleep mode(WCDMA) is 1.4mA.

I measured HL8548 current consumption in Sleep mode(registered to the WCDMA network) using HL Series Development Kit.
But current consumption I measured is aproxmatelly 26mA.
As it includes LED current consumption in Development Kit, HL8548 module cosumes 13mA.
I think It is too large comapering to HL8548 specification(1.4mA).

My Procedure

  1. remove CN405.
  2. setup LABO connector setting.
  3. inject power supply (I beleive HL8548 goes to register WCDMA network and goes to sleep mode automatically.)
  4. measure electric current at power supply by current probe.

Is there any mistake in my procedure?

This is for my reply.
I have measured again with following command, and got approximately 1mA@5V.

I think, Something was wrong with my equipment setting at last time trial.

So once your module enters into sleep mode with KSLEEP command, it seems to be fine…



I’m also experiencing consumption issue with the HL85XX with the same setup despite AT+KSLEEP=1. The module never goes into sleep mode. I’ve got ~35mA.

Is there anything else to check?