HL7692 Sleep mode

I’m trying to enable sleep mode on HL7692 using AT+KSLEEP = 0. After sending AT+KSLEEP I’m moving DTR to HIGH value and stop sending at commands on UART.
Monitoring the current consumption I get a value between 20mA and 80mA (for the modem only). The modem is registered in LTE with good csq.
From PTS (page 22) I see the Current Consumption should be between 1.7mA and 6.3 mA

Am I doing something wrong ?

Modem FW version: RHL769x.2.23.172400.201706231140.x7120m_1

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Generically speaking it sounds like you are doing the right thing, does it work with the automatic mode (1)? Have you pushed your schematics back into the support channel to have a design review performed on it as you may be holing a line high or low that is preventing the unit from entering sleep mode.