HL7648 Low Power Mode

What low power modes exists for HL7648? I have refered to “AT Commands Interface Guide” and “Product Technical Manual” for HL7648 and I am only seeing reference to “AT+KSLEEP” command that do sleep mode.
The is very little information of sleep mode.

Is PSM or eDRX possible with HL7648?

Does “AT+KSLEEP” enable PSM or eDRX mode? If yes how to set TAU timers?
If not, when module enters sleep mode using “AT+KSLEEP”, is network registration maintained during the sleep
or will it need new network registration on coming out of sleep?

Is there a separate documentation on how to enable and use sleep mode correctly and what to expect from sleep mode?


You can let module sleep by +ksleep and then send a sms to it and see if it can receive