HL7800-M AT+COPS error

Hi everyone,

I try to connect my HL7800-M to a network using a mangOH red. The module does not connect automatically when following the getting started guide for HL7800 AT+KTCPCNX=1 did not succeed.

So I wanted to list the available networks using AT+COPS=? and do the connecting manually.

I am using the SierraWireless SIM delivered with the mangOH (already registered on eu.airvantage.net as discribed in the getting started guide) and the AT+COPS=? gives an error.

+COPS: 0



The response to AT+COPS=? (shown in brackets) overwrites the command on the same line (no LF/CR). What is strange is that I don’t find any reference to the error code in the AirPrime - HL78xx - AT Commands Interface Guide.

Any suggestions what this error means?

As a reference I also have the WP7702 on a mangOH red. Here I can scan for networks

+COPS: (1,“Vodafone.de”,“Vodafone”,“26202”,9),(1,“Telekom.de”,“TDG”,“26201”,9),(0,1,2,3,4),(0,1,2)

Hi Dannie,

HL7800-M support only Cat-M1 RF bands 1,2,3,4,5,8,12,13,14,18,19,20,25,26,27,28,66.
To attach the network, please use a SIM card which supports Cat-M1.

Could you upgrade to latest HL7800-M FW and try again “AT+COPS=?” ?

BTW, AT+KTCPCNX=1 is used for a TCP connection.Not for the network attach.


thanks for the reply.

I have investigated a little more and found this thread dealing with the +CME ERROR 515

not the same module but it hints to “ressource busy”.

When I wait some minutes after module reboot the error goes away…

BTW, does the smart SIM from SierraWireless delivered in the mangOH red package support LTE Cat-M1? A scan with the WP7702 and all RATs, all bands on reveals none at all. I can only see GSM and Cat-NB1, right?




+COPS: (2,"Telekom.de","TDG","26201",0),(1,"Vodafone.de","Vodafone","26202",0),(1,"o2 - de","o2 - de","26203",0),(1,"Vodafone.de","Vodafone","26202",9),(1,"Telekom.de","TDG","26201",9),,(0,1,2,3,4),(0,1,2)

In the RAT selection order M1 comes before NB1



So, how can I see if LTE Cat-M1 is avilable? I have LTE reception with at least one provider here with my cellphone. Does AT+COPS=? have to report something like


for M1?

And how to check for avilable services if it does not?