CME ERROR: 515 on FXT003


After changing the sim card on many of our FXT003 modems, they are all stuck with a CME ERROR: 515.
The error appears after the first command concerning the sim card.


Has anybody got the same problem and eventually found a solution ?

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The AT Command user guide says that CME ERROR 515 is “Please wait, init or command processing in progress.” Are you waiting for the SIM to be detected before issuing the CPIN command?

Yes, I have tested to wait almost two minutes:

  • before entering the command
  • and then to retry
    with no success.


After changing the SIM card, do you issue the AT+CFUN=1 command to reset the modem? If you have the SIMREMOVE feature disabled, the SIM will not be correctly detected if it is removed and insterted without resetting the GSM stack. Send AT+WFM=2 and check that SIMREMOVE is enabled.

Enable all the +WIND indications to see how the startup is progressing…

The modem is always reseted before inserting / switching sim cards.
Here isthe complete list of commands / answers of the modem initialisation before I get the error :

+WIND: 3
+WIND: 13
+WIND: 3
+WIND: 13
+CME ERROR : 515

The answers to AT+WFM=2 is

+WFM: "MONO900",0,0
+WFM: "MONO1800",0,0
+WFM: "MONO1900",0,0
+WFM: "BI9001800",0,0
+WFM: "BI9001900",0,0
+WFM: "MONO850",0,0
+WFM: "BI8501900",0,0
+WFM: "EFR",1,0
+WFM: "HR",1,0
+WFM: "DATA144",1,0
+WFM: "SIM1V8ONLY",0,0
+WFM: "SIM1V8AND3V",1,0
+WFM: "CPHS",1,0
+WFM: "LOCA",0,0
+WFM: "AMR",1,0
+WFM: "NT_6K",1,0

Before you can access the SIM, you should see the following WIND indications:

+WIND: 1
+WIND: 10
+WIND: 11 (if checksum check is enabled)

Also, send AT+WIND=32767 to make sure all WIND indications are enabled.

Here are the WIND indications I get for a successful start:

14:24:11:089 - AT+CFUN=1

14:24:13:561 - OK

14:24:13:565 - +WIND: 3

14:24:13:566 - +WIND: 13

14:24:16:261 - +WIND: 1

14:24:16:261 - +CREG: 2

14:24:17:975 - +WIND: 16

14:24:22:000 - +WIND: 4

14:24:22:004 - +WIND: 10,"SM",0,"FD",0,"ON",1,"SN",0,"EN",0

14:24:22:013 - +WIND: 11,"41F357E8B10F21EB89CBF1B10A68CBCC",,"913CE279BAEDF69FA1471AB72AFFB5C3",,"997B0A6ED134FF159665721D5B3B1146","61E4D1A0E4DBC9144E81279E48E5676C"

14:24:22:030 - +WIND: 7

14:24:22:033 - +CREG: 1,"2AAC","2B67"
14:24:54:081 - AT+CPIN?

14:24:54:088 - +CPIN: READY