HL7800 debug uart console toast after fw

I just updated a HL7800-M module to latest firmware (from an ancient 1.7.5) without issue.
but now the debug console which used to work fine is no longer responsive. I was using it to monitor CSQ during active data connections and such. The only data it outputs is below:

U-Boot 2012.10 (Apr 10 2020 - 17:59:44)

Board: ALT1250 Ver: 0.32-TG-D0 (PMP CPU Speed 120 MHz)
DRAM:  2.5 MiB
Now running in RAM - U-Boot at: 902a4000
Boot mode 3
Flash Manufacturer/Device ID is: 0x20bb18
Enable QUAD mode
Flash: 16 MiB
*** Warning - Merge environment, using default environment

map import OK
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Configuring Flash Write Protection (offset 0x1e00)
new_ce_val = 0x3a00f9f0
Hit '\r' or '\e' key to stop autoboot:  0
Version: 2.0

Nothing to upgrade...
image part OK.

I see in upgrade notes the following

EURY-1979 /

In past releases, the HL78 was tested and
shipped with the debug console enabled.
This enables some capabilities that that are
not needed in deployed units. A firmware
upgrade to 4.4 will disable the console. It
can still be enabled for debug purposes

Could someone please clarify the steps to do so?

What is the return of
For the previous version and current version?


Yes we have turned the debug console off so that production devices do not have it turned on by default as it is unnecessary. The command that jyijyi has quoted is what controls this, note it is case sensitive i.e. you need to query/set it using AT+SWITRACEMODE not at+switracemode.




on my custom board the results are


I do not have another module on previous version to test. I have 2 modules, one on custom board and one on HL7800 mangoh red. I cannot get the mangoh red working since updating it. It only shows up as a single com port on the unresponsive debug serial, so it seems a bit stuck.

Anyway, what do i set this to enable the debug port? it is not in the AT command document. Thanks




Can’t remember which.



Has the default baud rate changed? I am getting garbage out trying both of those.

Thanks for clarification

disregard, both “LOG” and “RnD” values are working at 115200 now. Thanks for the help

Well for the record, it was “RnD”, just appears to take a reboot to take effect. My actual board is good to go.

But I’d like to ask, any ideas on how to make a mangoh red functional again? It powers up but only enumerates as a single COM port in windows which is not responsive. I might have to try the IOT connector UART or pi breakout uart

Well, for all intents and purposes, upgrading to latest HL7800-M firmware seems to brick mangoh red boards. None of the UARTs are responsive

That aside, I need to know if its possible to flash older versions of firmware atop newer ones for some side-by-side testing on the same piece of hardware