Hl78-r3 dev kit firmware update

Goodafternoon, I am using the HL78 dev kit with sierra sim card and HL7812 and i want to update the firmware to the most recent release 4.2 ( but the error message gives the Unrecognized or Unsupported device. I am following the step from here but i seem to be stuck at 2.3.

What can i do to make the device update it’s firmware?

Thanks in advance.

Screenshot 2024-06-25 120059

this problem happens to some old modules
you need to contact distributor to get a tool to correct it

Thanks for the reply! Do you have an email address or phone number to get in contact with this distributor? and what is the name of this tool?

i don’t know where you bought this from the distributor

Is that no problem to download FW
If yes, I guess this is PUK2 issue in the old module.
You can mention this to distributor

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