HL7650 not attaching with just diversity antenna

I am trying to use a HL7650 module with ONLY the diversity antenna connection. I was under the impression that with the command AT+WMANTSEL=22 I would be disabling the main antenna and using on the diversity. However when I physically disconnect the main antenna, I do not get a network attachment.

At+CREG? returns

+CREG: 2,3

Any idea what is going on? Note that everything works fine with the main antenna physically connected.

Hi alex.benn,

The command +WMANTSEL should be issued when the device is deregistered from the network. Please try the following :



Hi , yes I have done that and saved the setting to non-volatile memory with AT&W0. The setting persists over a device restart and definitely has the correct setting of AT+WMANTSEL=22 after reboot. However AT+COPS=0 leads to +CREG :3 with only the diversity antenna connected. It seems like the network is rejecting the connection for some reason?