Air Prime Q26 Extreme Antenna Diversity

Hi, I am trying to use the diversity antenna and seems like by default it’s not ON ( only main antenna path is activeded )
May I know how to make use of the diversity antenna? How to turn it On?

As far as I know, diversity antenna is not enabled on Q26e. Yes, hardware is there, but modules does not make any use of it.



Please refer to AT command interface guide, section 6.2, for configuration command and parameter.


No, diversity antenna is enabled by default in the firmware. WHCNF=5 is for Diversity Antenna Test & it is disabled by default.
disable test = use main + diversity for Rx path
enable test = use only diversity for Rx path

I think you are right Rudolf, so far I am not able to see improvement by the diversity antenna as the signal strengh quality is always came from the main antenna. Unless there’s someone out there that make use of the diversity antenna before?