HL 8548 Development Kit is working mischievously with Linux

Hello Guys,

As funny as it may sound, I have the following trouble.

When I power ON the development kit and connect it to a lLinux system through USB, the kit works well through ACM driver. On the other hand if I first connect the kit through USB to a Linux system and then power ON the kit then the Development Kit is not recognized. Indeed I get a debounce error.

USB 2.0 is used. May I ask you what could be the possible reasons? I am damn sure its the power supply to the Modem. What could avoid this trouble? Should the debounce period be increased? I request few suggestions.



I just tried the same and it was fine, what are you using to power the dev kit up with, I have the mains supply that it comes with.
Couple of questions.

  • What do you mean by a debounce error and how were you thinking of increasing it?
  • What USB ocnfig do you have the units in (at+kusbcomp?)?
  • What firmware are you running on the HL8?
  • What is the Linux, I presume it is something like an Ubuntu 16.04 laptop?