No power in HL7800 Dev Kit

Hello, I am trying to work with an HL7800 Dev Kit that I was using some time ago but forgot how to turn on. I checked the position of the jumpers and that I’m using the proper power supply.

It seems that the 1.8V rail isn’t powered for some reason, and I’d like to know if someone has any ideas of what it could be?

Here’s a picture of my board:

Hi nestor.naveda,

Please check your HL7800 module and its cover if they are in correct orientation.

It’s fine with my devkit


Thank you Jerdung,

I made sure the module was positioned correctly and the ‘BAD_CONFIG’ led isn’t flashing. The issue still persists. Does anything else jump to mind?

Thanks for your help :grin:

Hi estor.naveda,

Could you try with another HL7800 module on this devkit? Also, check your adapter output from your power supply. My adapter output is 4V-3.75A.


Turns out I was checking on hardware too closely. Even when the leds were not working, I could still interface with the CLI. Thanks for all the help!